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September 22, 2018 will be World Car-Free Day, a day on which people across the globe are encouraged to find alternative methods to meet their transportation needs and re-discover buses, bikes, and their own ____26____ .

On this day, people get together in the streets, intersections, and neighborhood blocks to ____27____ the world that we don’t have to accept our car-controlled society.

While projects along these lines had taken place from time to time starting ____28____ the 1973 oil crisis, it was only in October, 1994 that a structured call for such projects was announced in a keynote speech by Eric Britton at the International Accessible Cities Conference held in Toledo (Spain).

The first national campaign was launched in Britain in 1997, and the French followed in 1998. In 2000, car Busters issued an open ____29____ for a “World Car-Free Day” to consist with Europe’s Car-Free Day on September 22 . ____30____ then, we have begun to call for citizens to organize ____31____ on or near this day.

However, we do not want ____32____ one day of celebrations and then return to ____33____ life. World Car-Free Day is the ____34____ time to remind city planners and politicians to _____35_____ cycling, walking and public transport. It is up to us, cities and governments to help _____36_____ permanent changes to _____37_____ pedestrians, cyclists and other people who do not drive cars.

While _____38_____ accomplishment has been achieved in terms of media coverage, these events _____39_____ to be difficult to achieve real success and even a decade later there is considerable uncertainty about the usefulness of this approach. Broad public support and commitment to change is needed _____40_____ successful implementation ( 执行 ).

26 A legs B motors C subway D feet

27 A recall B remind C realize D recommend

28 A as B on C with D beyond

29 A answer B call C wish D longing

30 A Since B Before C After D Right

31 A events B affairs C incidents D accidents

32 A even B still C just D ever

33 A usual B previous C normal D average

34 A perfect B limited C accurate D correct

35 A give way to B give priority to C give rise to D give in to

36 A employ B decrease C create D increase

37 A assist B benefit C instruct D influence

38 A constant B similar C envying D considerable

39 A turn out B work out C carry out D figure out

40 A for B to C as D under

旅游与交通 很难 组卷次数:207

—What else did the lady ask you about the trip to Nanjing?

—She asked me ________ .

A who was the guide of the trip

B when they will visit Nanjing

C how long would they stay at Nanjing Museum

D if she could go to Nanjing University alone on the second day

人生百味类 中等 组卷次数:105

—Could you tell me ________?


A how was your weekend B where did she go last weekend

C there is a post office near here D what he has read recently

宾语从句 中等 组卷次数:209

Good news! A fashion show will be ________ this Sunday. Would you like to come with me?

A put up B put off C put down D put on

动词和动词短语 容易 组卷次数:151

—What did his father say to him just now?

—He asked him __________.

A when he went to the library B how could he work it out

C why he gets home late D that he has got ready for the trip

宾语从句 容易 组卷次数:290

Though things are going smoothly now, scientists are still in doubt ________.

A that people with the virus can be cured B where did the virus come from

C if the virus is influenced by the weather D how long people have caught the virus

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:182

Kate was not sure ________.

A that her parents would return home soon

B what the matter was with the computer

C whether they stayed there for a week

D which buddy she could choose to talk

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:170

Oh, it sounds so nice. ________ beautiful song it is!

A How B How a C What D What a

选择疑问句 中等 组卷次数:149

With the ________ of the washing machine, people have had more free time to relax.

A invention B situation C condition D tradition

名词 中等 组卷次数:268

—Could you tell me ________?

—Certainly, and the earlier, the cheaper.

A how long it will take to get to Paris

B if I can book a direct flight to Paris online

C where I can buy a ticket for the direct flight to Paris

D when I can buy a ticket to Paris without my passport

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:111

—What do you think of your school, Andy?

—It’s great for us to ________ ourselves for the future.

A promise B prepare C prove D present

动词和动词短语 中等 组卷次数:203

Parents always ________ teenagers not to swim in the river in summer.

A promise B argue C warn D show

动词和动词短语 中等 组卷次数:289

— Did Lisa leave a message?

—Yes. She wanted to know________ this Sunday.

A who you would go shopping B if you would go shopping with her

C that you will go shopping D when will you go shopping with her

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:100

—I wonder ________ if I park my car here?

—Of course it ________. You need to find a safer place.

A when it matter; does B whether it matters; does

C if it will matter; doesn’t D how it matters; doesn’t

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:155

The writer has ________ a new novel for over a year.

A worked on B turned on C put on D got on

动词和动词短语 容易 组卷次数:165

What _________ great fun it is to go bird watching _________ the end of this month!

A /; at B at; at C /; in D a; in

介词和介词短语 容易 组卷次数:133

He gave me _________ on how to sing well. ________ good advice! It is so helpful to me.

A a advice; What a B some advice; What

C some advices; How D an advice; What a

名词 中等 组卷次数:102

— The task is so difficult for your close friend.

— Yes. I’m wondering ________ .

A that she will complete it on time B can I do anything necessary for her

C how could I help her out D whether she can complete it by herself

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:102

—My mother tells me that people cannot only use salt for meals.

—Yes. They also use it to ________ fires.

A put on B put off C put out D put down

动词和动词短语 中等 组卷次数:116

—How long does it take to get to the airport?

—Forty minutes. But it’s foggy today. I’m not sure ________ the highway will close soon. Let’s set off earlier.

A whether B when C how D why

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:152

—How can I start the computer game?

—That’s easy. Just ________ the icon and the game will start.

A put on B click on C get on D try on

动词和动词短语 容易 组卷次数:273

Li Ling’s mother wanted to know ________.

A how did she study at school B what she has studied at school

C whether did she study hard at school D if she studied hard at school

人生百味类 中等 组卷次数:142

The researchers tried to find out ________ what happened after twenty hours had gone by.

A that could the mice remember B what the mice could remember

C whether the mice could remember D how could the mice remember

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:192

—I wonder if he ________ us in the dancing tonight.

—I believe if he ________ his homework, he will join us.

A will join; will finish B will join; finishes C joins; finishes D joins; will finish

人生百味类 容易 组卷次数:147

— Is there a message for me, Mom?

— Yeah. John phoned you just now. He wondered _________.

A why you are late for school this morning B what will you do for the coming weekend

C where did you play volleyball after school D if you could go to the cinema with him

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:216

________ great time it is to walk at the beach!

A What a B What C How a D How

基本句型 中等 组卷次数:246

Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival for family to pay respect ( 尊敬 ) to their ancestors ( 祖先 ). People visit their ancestors’ grave sites and offer food, drinks and flowers. There are some Chinese poems showing Chinese history and culture through ancient expressions. Here we look at one of the classic poems in the history of Chinese literature:

A drizzling rain falls like tears on the Mourning Day ;

The mourner’s heart is going to break on his way .

Where can a wineshop be found to drown his sad hours ?

A cowherd points to a cot amid apricot flowers .

In China, around the time of Qingming Festival, there is more rain. The poet is traveling far away from home on these rainy days. The rain and lonely walks lead to the separation of the soul ( 灵魂 ) and body, which adds a sad feeling to this poem. The writer, Du Mu describes a rainy scene in a village in the first two lines. Then in the last two lines, the poet wants to find a place to take a rest, drink some wine ( ) and get away from the sad feeling. Where can I find a good tavern? In the last line, a cowherd points to a direction ( 方向 ), which describes two people looking far ahead on the rainy day.

In this poem, Du Mu presents a village with apricot flowers around as the direction of the tavern. He doesn’t describe its feature on a rainy day but leaves it to the readers’ imagination.

Qingming is not only a sad festival, but can also be a happy time for people to enjoy the spring and get closer to nature in an outing. Trees are green and flowers are blooming, so it’s a good time to be outside.

41 The Chinese title of this poem is “________”.

A .《清明》 B .《咏柳》 C .《春望》 D .《秋思》

42 The weather on Qingming Festival is always ________.

A snowy B windy C cold D rainy

43 The poet wants to find a place to ________.

A make friends B eat some food C drink some wine D buy a raincoat

44 A cowherd may mean ________.

A a boy who sits on the cow B a place where the cow lives

C a person who herds the cow D a place where the cow eats grass

45 We can ________ on Qingming Festival according to the writer.

A offer food, drinks and flowers to old people

B pay respect to our ancestors and enjoy the spring

C feel sad all day and drink some wine with family

D find a beautiful place with a lot of flowers around

说明文 中等 组卷次数:105


That is _______________________________.

动词时态 中等 组卷次数:265

你知道这些书是谁发给我们的吗 ?

Do you know ______________________________ us?

动词时态 中等 组卷次数:148


I’m not sure ________________________ still alive.

单词的读音 中等 组卷次数:194


________ ________ wonderful speech! It ________ a deep ________ on us.

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:154


I wonder ________ ________ ________ ________ sunny tomorrow.

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:256


The air crash was on everyone’s mind. People were all wondering ________ the weather.

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:243


The teacher asked ________ ________ ________ the importance of guarding ________ stress.

单词拼写 偏难 组卷次数:192


I wonder ____________________________________________________.

单词拼写 中等 组卷次数:299


When I got home, the dishes had ____________________ by my mom.

动词时态 偏难 组卷次数:259


________ ________ the map on the table and let’s ________ ________ ________.

宾语从句 中等 组卷次数:299

— I’ll go to England for a holiday.

— Remember people there often use p________, not RMB or dollars.

名词 容易 组卷次数:157

You have to mask your mouth and nose because coughs and sneezes may __________ (扩散) diseases.

情态动词 中等 组卷次数:144

We must prevent the ________ (传播) of this kind of illness.

名词 容易 组卷次数:193